Montag, 18. Oktober 2010

Sandals in New Zealand High Schools

Many New Zealand highschools have sandals, (mostly a cool vintage style roman sandal,) as a part of boys school uniforms.


Jeghm hat gesagt…

A picture like this just makes me feel so very good inside. All of the boys wearing the same great sandals, with shorts and without socks. I wish for more like this. I have one to send this way, too. This looks like it could be from Highbury High school or middle school. They had sandals as a mandatory part of the summer uniform if shorts were worn. Unfortunately, last year or two ago, they let the boys vote on the choice of being allowed to wear shoes and socks with shorts in the summer and (again unfortunately) that got a bunch of approval from the boys.

Jeghm hat gesagt…

Oops. It says that it's Hamilton school. Still very nice.